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SPA Announces Mentors for Ones to Watch Cohort: Accelerating the Careers of Australia's Next Generation Content Creators.

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Screen Producers Australia

Screen Producers Australia has announced the mentors for its highly anticipated Ones to Watch Cohort, a program aimed at nurturing the next generation of Australian producing talent. The selected mentors are some of Australia’s most prolific and experienced producers, who will help develop the business acumen of the Ones to Watch participants, fostering their growth and development as they build their slates.

The 12 Ones To Watch creatives will have the opportunity to learn from the likes of Industry leaders including; Tony Ayres, Rosemary Blight and Kylie Du Fresne (Goalpost Pictures), Joanna Werner (Werner Film), Polly Staniford and Angie Fielder (Aquarius Films) and many more, as they build their projects in the lead-up to pitching opportunities at Screen Forever.

The Ones to Watch Cohort is an exciting opportunity for emerging industry creative leaders to hone their skills and gain valuable experience. The program is designed to accelerate the careers of Australia’s next generation content creators, offering specially curated development sessions and industry opportunities. The ultimate goal is to prepare these talented individuals for pitching to network executives and distributors at Screen Forever Market in May 2023.

We are thrilled to have such a talented and diverse group of mentors on board for the Ones to Watch Cohort. With the help of these amazing mentors, we’re confident that they will be a huge success - CEO Matthew Deaner

The Ones to Watch Cohort is just one of the many initiatives undertaken by SPA to support and nurture the Australian screen industry. With the announcement of these highly respected mentors, it’s clear that the program is poised to have a significant impact on the careers of those lucky enough to be selected.

The list of Ones To Watch cohort members and their respective mentors:

The list of mentors includes some of the most prolific producing talent in Australia, who will no doubt help the Ones to Watch cohort members to develop their skills and build their careers in the industry. This is a fantastic opportunity for the next generation of content creators to gain invaluable experience and guidance from established industry professionals. We can't wait to see what exciting projects these emerging talents will produce in the future.

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