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The 12 Producers Selected for SPA's Ones to Watch Program

Nurturing the next wave of innovative screen storytellers. Meet the 12 producers selected for SPA's Ones To Watch.

A program designed to accelerate the careers of rising producers in the Australian screen industry. The program is aimed at producers who are passionate about creating screen stories that reflect First Nations families, extraordinary life stories, off-beat edgy comedies, LGBTQIA+ narratives, female empowerment, and diverse expression.

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The SPA Ones to Watch program is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious programs for emerging Australian producers. It provides a unique opportunity for these talented individuals to develop their skills and networks, and to gain exposure to leading figures in the screen industry.

The high caliber of diverse and exciting applications to the Ones to Watch program is proof that the Australian screen industry is bursting with unique talent and creativity that will continue to delight global audiences in the future - Mathew Deaner SPA

Over the coming months, the SPA Ones to Watch will be matched with leading Australian producers for one-on-one meetings and participate in an exclusive webinar series aimed at developing their creative slate and business skills in preparation for next year's Screen Forever conference.

As the screen industry continues to evolve and diversify, programs like SPA's Ones to Watch will play a vital role in nurturing and supporting the next generation of Australian screen producers, ensuring that our stories continue to be told and celebrated both locally and internationally.

  • Aven Yap – Nimbus Creative (Qld)

  • Bethany Bruce – Staple Fiction (NSW)

  • Chanel Bowen – Independent (WA)

  • Christopher Amos – Independent (Qld)

  • Cyna Strachan – Mad Ones Films (NSW)

  • Debbie Zhou – Independent (NSW) (above, far right)

  • Emma Roberts – Pernickety Split (Vic) (above, second from left)

  • Hanna Griffiths – Blinded by Rainbows (Vic)

  • Jason Chong – 1UP Digital (SA) (above, second from right)

  • Luke Saliba – Paperless Films (Vic)

  • Sierra Schrader – EveryNameTaken (SA) (above, far left)

  • Tim Russell – Pivot Studios (NSW)

hanna griffiths

The Ones To Watch began in 2013 and since then has allowed producers to build on their skill sets and professional networks through the SPA program.

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