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Aquarius Films - Female Led Filmmaking

The Power Duo Behind Aquarius Films Are Shaping the Future of Filmmaking

Aquarius Films, the award-winning production company founded by Angie Fielder and Polly Staniford, has made a name for itself in the entertainment industry with its bold, female-led projects. Recently, the company has been mentoring Hanna Griffiths, as part of the Ones to Watch Program. Fielder and Staniford are known for their work that promotes diversity and offers intelligent, progressive, and inspiring stories to global audiences.

Aquarius Films has an impressive track record, with numerous critically acclaimed and commercially successful films and television series to their credit. Their film credits include the Academy Award® and Golden Globe-nominated Lion, starring Dev Patel, Nicole Kidman, and Rooney Mara; Berlin Syndrome, directed by Cate Shortland and starring Teresa Palmer and Max Riemelt; Dirt Music, directed by Gregor Jordan and starring Garrett Hedlund, Kelly Macdonald, and David Wenham; and Wish You Were Here, starring Joel Edgerton and Teresa Palmer.

Aquarius Films' television productions include Love Me, The Unusual Suspects, Born To Spy, The Other Guy, and The Unlisted. Their most recent production, Savage River, premiered in September 2022. The company has an impressive development slate. Through the Screen Producers Australia, Ones to Watch Program, Aquarius Films is mentoring Hanna Griffiths, providing her with the guidance, resources, and connections she needs to take her career to the next level. The Ones to Watch Program is a prestigious mentoring initiative that supports emerging talent in the Australian film and television industry, providing participants with the opportunity to learn from industry leaders.

ones to watch program hanna griffiths aquarius films

Hanna's dedication to creating high-quality films and television series that are both commercially successful and critically acclaimed is a testament to her commitment to the craft. Fielder and Staniford's mentorship has undoubtedly played a significant role in helping her achieve her goals, and the industry is sure to see more exciting projects from her in the future. Aquarius Films' mentoring will help her develop her skills and knowledge, providing her with the tools she needs to succeed in the competitive world of filmmaking. Aquarius Films is known for its commitment to diversity and inclusion by supporting rising talent Aquarius Films is helping to create a more inclusive and diverse film and television industry, where all voices are heard and represented. This is a significant step in the development of the Australian film and television industry.

Watch Savage River, a series directed by Jocelyn Moorhouse, starring Katherine Langford, on ABC iView.

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