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Storytellers Festival

BLINDED BY RAINBOWS, is joining the 2022 Portland Film Festival lineup, presented by Comcast. By supporting independent voices Portland Film Festival is dedicated to nurturing filmmakers and their audiences. Celebrating storytelling.

The festival focuses on people, ideas, technology, skills and artistry behind filmmaking and provides both entertaining and educational opportunities to the public.

“One of the 25 coolest film festivals in the world.” - Movie Maker Magazine

Portland has devoted audiences, is presented by Comcast with it's own on-demand channel with films, TV shows, and workshops, accessible to millions.

“Independent voices are more vital to our culture and more in need of support than ever before.”

Join Portland in celebrating independent voices at the 2022, Portland Film Festival presented by Comcast. Get your tickets HERE

You can find out more about Portland Film Festival HERE

BLINDED BY RAINBOWS® new stratospheres of storytelling

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