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Standing Strong with SAG-AFTRA and WGA

Standing with Sag-Aftra and Wga in a New Industry Chapter.

Every scene, every line, and every emotion etched on screen is a result of the dedication and passion of artists and writers who pour their hearts and souls into their craft. These unsung heroes are the architects of our industry. Behind the glamour and glitz of the silver screen lies a tapestry of creativity that is all too often overlooked.

Amid the ever-evolving landscape of the entertainment industry, a new chapter is being written, one that speaks to the heart of fairness, respect, and equitable treatment for these very creators. Today, as the industry grapples with the complexities of its own narrative, we, at Blinded by Rainbows, stand in solidarity with the artists of SAG-AFTRA and the writers of the WGA. We lend our voice to the artists demanding change, recognition, and a brighter future.

In a world where stories are created, characters brought to life, the journey of an artist is far from effortless. The challenges they navigate echo through the annals of the industry. It's in this context that SAG-AFTRA's ongoing strike and the WGA's resolute advocacy gain prominence. These movements aren't just about contracts and deals, they're about redefining the ecosystem that nurtures and sustains creativity.

The heart of these collective endeavors lies in the pursuit of fairness and dignity. The challenges faced by artists and writers are more than the sum of their efforts; they're a testament to the undying commitment they have towards their craft. In an age of digital marvels and storytelling wonders, the struggles faced by artists often remain veiled behind the glitzy exterior. Yet, the thread that weaves them together is unity. SAG-AFTRA and the WGA stand strong, resolute in their demand for change. Amplifying their voices for a fairer industry.

SAG-AFTRA, in its commitment to unity and collaboration, has redefined its stance on interim agreements. This pivotal decision underscores the union's determination to amplify solidarity and navigate industry complexities.

SAG-AFTRA will no longer extend interim agreements to projects governed by Writers Guild of America contracts produced within the U.S. This transformative decision follows "several productive and collaborative meetings" with the writers' union. It's a strategic maneuver aligned with the Writers Guild's ongoing strike and their decision to withhold interim deals during this period of advocacy.

This alteration, as communicated by the SAG-AFTRA negotiating committee, is a result of shared objectives. It has been designed to align with the Writers Guild's strike strategy, creating a win-win situation for both unions. The core principles of unity and solidarity remain intact, ensuring a harmonious collective front in the face of industry challenges.

WGA and Sag Aftra on strike warner brothers
WGA Members on Strike

It's important to emphasise that while this modification won't impact existing interim agreements, it will guide the union's approach moving forward. The intent is to ensure that these agreements uphold the principles of independence and creative integrity. Each application for an Interim Agreement will be scrutinized to ensure its alignment with these values. Interim agreements have sparked debate since their inception amid SAG-AFTRA's ongoing strike. Created to sustain production outside the jurisdiction of the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, these agreements have garnered both support and critique. They provide a lifeline to productions adhering to SAG-AFTRA's priorities, including an 11 percent increase in minimum wages and revenue sharing for streaming projects.

As the strike narrative unfolds, over 200 productions have secured these agreements, representing a diverse array of titles and talents. From A24's acclaimed works to star-studded Death of a Unicorn and Mother Mary, and even faith-based series like The Chosen, the embrace of these agreements reflects the intricate tapestry of the industry.

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