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Girls in Boys' Cars - Wins YA Book Prize

Queensland Literary Award winner, Felicity Castagna, was recently awarded the Griffith University Young Adult Book Prize for her work, "Girls in Boys' Cars" (Pan Macmillan). This accolade is just one in a string of awards and nominations for the young adult novel, which has already been recognised by multiple literary institutions across the country.

The Queensland Literary Awards, which recognised Castagna's work, pays tribute to writers of all levels of achievement and diversity. The awards aim to deliver on the priorities of Creative Together, a 10-year roadmap for arts, culture, and creativity. By elevating First Nations arts, sharing stories, and celebrating storytellers, the awards help to promote and support a vibrant and inclusive creative community.

Castagna's "Girls in Boys' Cars" tells the story of two teenage girls who steal a boyfriend's car and set off on a road trip across Australia. As they drive through iconic landscapes, they learn how to drive and write their own stories. The novel's lyrical prose, authentic voice, and complex metaphorical structure provide readers with a gritty, honest look at what girls really want. The judges praised the book for its compelling narrative and its ability to capture the essence of contemporary Australia.

This is not the first time that Castagna has been recognised for her work. Her first novel for Young Adults, "The Incredible Here and Now," received the Prime Minister's Award for Literature and was named the IBBY Honour Book for Australia. Her second book, "No More Boats," was a finalist in the Miles Franklin Award and was published internationally. In addition to her work as a novelist, Castagna has also written for the stage and radio, and her essays frequently appear in magazines and journals.

The lyrical prose, the protagonist’s authentic voice, and the novel’s complex metaphorical structure give us a gritty honest look at what girls really want” - Judges comments

Castagna's commitment to collaborative work with other artists is also noteworthy. She has helped to create a number of cross-artform and collaborative projects for major festivals, art galleries, and outdoor spaces. In addition, she teaches writing and helps to run storytelling, mentorship, and art projects. Her success as a writer and collaborator is a testament to the importance of supporting and celebrating diversity and creativity in the arts. Her work highlights the power of storytelling to bridge gaps and bring people together, and her commitment to collaboration and mentorship helps to create a more vibrant and inclusive creative community for all.

Girls in Boys' Cars (Paperback)

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