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Blinded by Rainbows is an entertainment company that specialises in film and television production. Fostering unique and diverse image-makers whose tales it shares in features interviews with filmmakers, artists, celebrities, and visionary artists to cultivate new stratospheres of storytelling.


Rolling Ideas, Honorable (2022)

Vimeo Awards, Winner (2022)

Travel Fest, Nominee (2022)

Lift-off Pinewood London, Nominee (2022)

LA Cinematography Awards, Winner (2022)

Malibu Film, Nominee, (2022)

SWIFF Awards, Winner (2021)

Dallas Movie Awards, Winner (2021)

Universal Film, Winner (2021)

Austin International, Winner (2021)

Fayetteville Film, Winner (2021)

London New Wave, Winner (2021)

Boston Independent, Nominee (2021)

LA Independent, Winner (2021)

Toronto Independent, Winner (2021)

Cannes International Cinema, Winner (2021)

Hollywood Golden Age,  Winner (2021)

Los Angeles Women in Film, Winner (2021)

The Cut Film Series, Nominee (2021)

LA Indies, Winner (2021)

New York Cinematography Awards, Winner (2021)

Miami Indie Film Awards, Winner (2021)

Toronto International Women in Film, Winner (2021)

Berlin International, Winner (2021)

Chicago Film Awards, Winner (2021)

Montreal Independent, Honorable (2021)

TMFF, Winner (2021)

Summit Creative, Nominee (2021)

Lift-off Pinewood, Nominee (2020

Newark International, Winner (2021)

Toronto Women in Film, Nominee (2020)

Canadian Diversity, Nominee, (2020)

Heartland International, Nominee (2020)

Edmonton Internation, Nominee (2020)

Dumbo, Nominee (2020)

Toronto Independent, Winner (2020)

Leo Awards, Nominee (2020)

Catalina International, Winner (2020)

Canadian Cinematography Awards, Winner (2020)

Fantaspoa International, Nominee (2020)

Fright Fest, Nominee (2020)

Women in Horror, Nominee (2020)

Toronto Spring of Horror & Fantasy, Nominee (2020)

Mammoth, Nominee (2020)

Los Angeles Cinematography Awards, Winner (2019)

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