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Blinded by Rainbows is an award winning entertainment company that embraces creativity, diversity and visionary artists to cultivate new stratospheres of storytelling. 

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Riverside’s National Theatre of Parramatta presents Girls in Boys' Cars  by award-winning writer Felicity Castagna, adapted and directed by Priscilla Jackman opening 18th October.

Two friends, an accidental road trip, and a whole lot of trouble. Featuring mesmerising performances from Ziggy Resnick (Griffin Theatre Company’s A is for Apple), Nikita Waldron (Winner of the Australian Theatre for Young People), Suz Mawer (bAKEHOUSE Theatre Company’s The Laden Table), Ella Prince (Bell Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors) and Alex Stamell (Hulu’s Nine Perfect Strangers).

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saltburn film

Directed by Emerald Fennell and captured on Kodak 35mm film by Linus Sandgren. Saltburn is a pitch-black satire about obsession and desire, power and privilege, wealth and class. 

Set in the mid 2000s, the film follows Oliver Quick, a new student struggling to find his place in university life at Oxford. Oliver becomes obsessed by Felix, his charming, aristocratic and handsome classmate, and spends a summer at the eccentric Catton family's Saltburn estate.


Fennell, winner of the Best Original Screenplay Oscar for Promising Young Woman, wrote, directed and produced Saltburn, which stars Barry Keoghan, Jacob Elordi, Rosamund Pike, Richard E. Grant, Alison Oliver and Archie Madekwe.

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This intimate behind-the-scenes story follows the journeys of the Matilda's, unveils the sacrifices they've made and the struggles they've endured in their quest to become the best in the world's most popular sport.

Across six episodes, join the players on and off the field as they work towards their biggest challenge yet, the FIFA Women’s World Cup.


Behind this remarkable production stands director Katie Bender Wynn, whose vision and passion have brought this captivating series to life for Disney+. 

angie fielder, polly staniford

The Ones to Watch program by Screen Producers Australia is an initiative that recognises and celebrate emerging screen producers from across the country. As part of our commitment to diverse and inclusive storytelling Blinded by Rainbows has been selected for Ones to Watch.

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In an industry where artists often struggle to maintain control over their own work, Swift is an example of the importance of creative freedom and the power of artists to shape their own destinies.  Swift's decision to take control of her music is particularly significant in light of the recent controversy surrounding her previous catalog, which was sold without her knowledge to a private equity firm.


Midnight's 3am on Vinyl. 


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