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Find Your Greatness with Blinded by Rainbows

Find Your Greatness revisits the international campaign that advanced the London, Olympics. Shinning a spotlight on the female perspective, with new attitudes for new times. The advert features two female leads whose who are not professional athletes, there are no boys watching them, they are two women playing for fun, playing for themselves. The commonality is not focused on winning a competition but on how you play, using character as fuel to measure greatness.

Find your greatness Portland film festival blinded by rainbows

One of the coolest film festivals in the world - MovieMaker

This year’s festival is packed with movie marathons, panels with mental health professionals and criminal detectives, hundreds of independent film screenings, director’s chats, networking events as well as educational workshops and panels. The Portland Film Festival is accessible from around the world online at, and Comcast subscribers with an X1 voice remote or Flex streaming device will have easy and free access to a collection of films.

The 2022 Portland Film Festival will feature stories by and about women, the Asian community, the Black community, the Indigenous community, the Latin community, the LGBQTIA+ community, the Muslim community, people with disabilities, veterans, and athletes, among many other important and compelling stories.

As an Afro-Indigenous programmer, my goal is to share a collection of diverse voices this year we expanded our tracks even more to include films about advocacy and activism, mental health, sports and more - Joe Stevens

portland film festival presented by Comcast

Tickets for Portland Film Festival

Currently, all films and events will be in person as well as accessible virtually at Virtual tickets give viewers seven days to watch the movie with a 72-hour screening window for $15. The film can be watched as many times as you want during the screening window. In-person ticket prices range from matinee screenings for $7 before 5 pm, $15 for all movies from 5 until 10 pm, then $15 for our “Date Night” special for two tickets after 10 pm using discount code “DATE NIGHT,” to $450 for a VIP pass, $299 for an all-access pass, $249 for seniors and students, $149 for the industry. Movie marathon tickets are $59-99 with a limited commemorative T-shirt.

Film Club

good films only happen every now & then


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