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Midnights 3am Mastermind

Midnights is the 10th studio album by American songstress Taylor Swift. The album went on to be the most-streamed album in a single day on Spotify’s history before midnight of October 22 breaking all previous records.

Taylor first revealed the project during her acceptance speech for Video of the Year at the 2022 VMAs, unveiling the album’s release date and saying

I'll give more information at midnight that night - Taylor

Swift produced four cover variants for the record, and the back of each cover, come together to make an analog clock. The four variants are Moonstone Blue (the standard version), Blood Moon, Mahogany, and Jade Green. Midnights features 13 new tracks, split into an A side and a B side, and Swift describes the project as being about,

The stories of 13 sleepless nights scattered throughout my life

Taylor announced the track list via TikTok through a mini-series she called Midnights Mayhem With Me, starting with the final track, Mastermind. In the series, she rolls a ball out of a bingo cage, each of which has a number between 1 and 13, and she reveals the title of the song that corresponds to each track number. This series concluded on the 7th of October with the announcement of the fourth track, Snow On the Beach (feat. Lana Del Rey and is available to view in full on Swift’s TikTok page.

Three hours after the release of Midnights, Swift unveiled Midnights (3 am Edition), which includes sonically darker tracks that were left out of the original album.

Midnights (Blue Vinyl)

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