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Discovering the Roots of Larsen Thompson's Debut Single.

Larsen Thompson's debut music single 'Roots' showcases her multi-talented artistry a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. The multi-talented actress, dancer, and model has just released her debut music single titled 'Roots', which is already making waves in the music world.

Thompson's impressive career began as a dancer in music videos for some of the biggest names in the industry, including Christina Aguilera, Sia, and Katy Perry. Her exceptional talent caught the attention of the public when a video of her dancing to Beyoncé’s 'Run The World' went viral online in 2016.

Since then, Thompson has continued to shine in her craft. In addition to her success as a dancer, Thompson has also made a name for herself in the acting world. She had a recurring role in the thriller television series, The Midnight Club, on Netflix and will star in the upcoming feature film Horrorscope and American Cherry.

Larsen thompson

Now, with the release of her debut music single, Thompson is showcasing her multi-talented artistry to the world. 'Roots' is a powerful song that reflects Thompson's journey as an artist and her deep connection to her roots.

Roots’ is a message about embracing our individual uniqueness. Sometimes we let our insecurities drive our decisions or setbacks in life, and it’s time we get grounded in who we are and see our imperfections as our perfection - Larsen Thompson

Thompson's debut music release is a testament to her dedication to her craft and her ability to excel in multiple areas of the entertainment industry. With her undeniable talent, it's no surprise that Larsen Thompson is quickly becoming a rising star to watch.

Listen to 'Roots' here.

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