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Larsen Thompson Music Debut

Larsen Thompson is a multi-talented actress, dancer, model, has released her debut music single titled 'Roots'.

Larsen Thompson’s got her start as a dancer in music videos for artists including Christina Aguilera, Sia, Katy Perry and more, in 2016 a video of Larsen dancing to Beyoncé’s 'Run The World' went viral online.

Roots’ is a message about embracing our individual uniqueness. Sometimes we let our insecurities drive our decisions or setbacks in life, and it’s time we get grounded in who we are and see our imperfections as our perfection - Larsen Thompson

Thompson also had a recurring role in the thriller television series, The Midnight Club, on Netflix and will star in the upcoming feature film Horrorscope.

Listen to 'Roots' here and read Larsen's Nylon Magazine Exclusive here.

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